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Kanteen has an intriguing selection of food, but it’s just another run-of-the-mill brunch spot.

I’m only about two years late reviewing this place despite living one minute away. Kanteen is yet another Mont Kiara brunch spot located at the base of the Mont Kiara Banyan condominium. It is open to all and requires no sign-ins or registrations at the condo to eat here.

Ambience & Amenities

Kanteen Mont Kiara vibe, Mont Kiara Kanteen patio

I love a patio as much as the next person, but the patio at Kanteen is pretty crummy. I have no problem with the seating arrangement: three big park-style tables in the middle with some regular and bar-style tables around the edges. The issue is the ugly view with the cars parked so tightly in the lot that you can barely make out Jalan Kiara, which is hardly worth looking at to begin with. Also, the fans that the restaurant has set up out there are powered at industrial levels. Even though we were sitting at the park tables which were a fair distance away, my hair was still being whipped around my head every ten seconds when the fan passed over our table. It was so annoying that we eventually moved inside.

Brunch in Mont Kiara, Kanteen Mont Kiara review

The interior has a completely monochrome colour scheme with all of the walls and ceiling painted a bold black. The tables and chairs are in matching dark wood, and four cubist booths are set into the far wall. The ordering station shines like a beacon in this jet black room, its bright fluorescent lights supplying most of the illumination.

Kanteen Mont Kiara review, Where to get brunch in Mont Kiara KL

If I may be a complainy bitch for just a while longer, I low-key hate the indoor look of this place. I don’t know why anyone would paint the entire room black, when painting it any other colour would make this space look huge. It’s like the owners decorated the place thinking that it would become a hip and sexy nightspot. Instead, the clientele is mostly brunching ladies and babies, so the ambience really doesn’t match.

Kanteen Mont Kiara food review

On your left when you walk in is a corner where tumbler bottles and portable coffee cups are arranged for sale. On the other side of the glowing ordering station, there is a counter with a washing up sink. There were soap and napkins provided to dry your hands with.

Kanteen is there a toilet

Kanteen does not have a toilet within its walls, but is instead located outside. When you exit the main cafe doors, turn right. Just past the Porto Romano entrance, you will see the nook with the washroom signage. The door on the left is Kanteen’s toilet, and inside are two rooms. One room contains a urinal and the other has a sitting toilet. Soap was available at the one sink to wash up at.


The Kanteen menu has a big emphasis on largely western breakfast dishes, but there are options for those craving local favourites like nasi lemak and satay. There are several interesting fusion dishes that blend the two cuisines, add a Thai twist or turn your favourite food into a quinoa bowl. Cakes are not listed on the menu and are found at the counter and fridge by the ordering station.

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Kanteen menu Mont Kiara
Kanteen Mont Kiara brunch menu
Kanteen Mont Kiara menu
Mont kiara Kanteen food menu
Mont Kiara Kanteen menu
Menu at Kanteen mont kiara

Water is free and self-serve next to the handwashing sink. The glasses provided are always quite small, so be prepared get up several times for a refill. Although the restaurant does not use pork, they do serve alcohol so Kanteen is non-halal. With such a convenient location in the middle of a dozen different condos, I’m sure many young professionals in the area stop by for a drink on their way home. This was perhaps the restaurant’s original intention, based on the decor.

Drinks menu at Kanteen Mont Kiara


Kanteen Mont Kiara food

The Hot Honey Lemon (RM5) and Thai Iced Tea (RM9) were both exactly how we expected them to taste. Although it’s good that we got what we wanted, we’ve paid much less for drinks that tasted exactly like these at other places.

Mont Kiara Kanteen food review

The Grilled 4 Cheese Sandwich (RM18) arrived looking deceptively unmelted. I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to get satisfying gooey bites with inches of cheese being pulled from my face but I was proven wrong. Although I did see some shreds that were still intact, the cheesy pulls were there.

Kanteen Mont Kiara review

This sandwich is satisfyingly salty, and with two kinds of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan, the cheese layer is nicely thick. Served in a pool that is built into the plate is tomato soup. It’s the right consistency and not too strong a flavour that overpowers the grilled cheese sandwich when you dip it in this. On the side were plain kettle cooked crisps.

Mont Kiara Kanteen review

The Korean Fried Chicken Burger sounds expensive at RM32, but rest assured, you are getting your money’s worth! This monstrosity is massive and will inspire one of those dilemmas of how to fit it into your mouth. It was so enormous that Mark actually had to do some surgery on the chicken before eating, cutting off parts that were bigger than the bun, and had to eat half of it with the stabilising wooden spike still in the middle. The fried chicken, while not as mouthwatering as the ones at K-Fry, is saucy and moist. There are some greens to bring a little freshness, but it is overwhelmed by a fried egg, making this burger even more ridiculous and heavy.

Saturday Worthy?

Kanteen is a little expensive and I wasn’t blown away by anything we ate. It’s your standard brunch place. However, I can’t argue with its location which is so convenient for me. They have a few dishes that I’m interested to try, so we will likely be back here.

Price for 2 Pax: RM64.00

Korean Fried Chicken Burger: RM30.19
Grilled 4 Cheese Sandwich: RM16.98
Thai Iced Tea: RM8.49
Hot Honey Lemon: RM4.72
6% SST: RM3.62

Kanteen Mont Kiara Banyan Condominium Jalan Kiara


Address: Mont Kiara Banyan Condominium (ground level), Lot GF2, No 28, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Sunday to Thursday: 8am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday: 8am – 10pm
Alcohol Served: Yes

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