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On The Perpetual Saturday, my goal is to provide honest and useful information… like whether a restaurant has a regular toilet or a squat toilet

Left to right: Lake Bled, Slovenia – Angkor Wat, Cambodia – Cappadocia, Turkey
Amalfi Coast, Italy – The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia – Fushimi Inari-taisha, Japan
Camel Ride, Tunisia – Milford Sound, New Zealand – Wat Arun, Thailand

Hi! I’m Cheryl and I’m the person behind The Perpetual Saturday. I have been exceedingly blessed to be given the freedom to indulge my passion for writing, to travel the world, and get day-drunk if I want to. Every day of my life is whatever I want it to be. Every day is the best day of the week with no responsibilities. It’s The Perpetual Saturday.

Originally from Canada born to Malaysian expats, I am bound to my other half, Mark (who is usually in photos, behind the camera, or mentioned on this blog). For over a decade we have been each other’s favourite travel companion, and we have racked up an ever-growing list of countries we’ve lived in and seen together! He has a very mobile career that takes us to unexpected places like our current home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… our third stint living abroad.

Follow on Instagram for a peek into our travels and everyday life, and on Youtube where I mostly upload travel music videos of places we’ve visited.

The Perpetual Saturday Blog

What made me want to start The Perpetual Saturday was that I felt there was a lot of information that was always missing on other blogs. I love trying new restaurants, but every food blog will never have pictures of the menu. We’re avid hikers, but finding detailed maps and guides are tricky. We love to travel, but most travel blogs are just some unwashed nomad telling me the “TOP things to see in X city!” when they only visited for a week and wax poetic about their emotions and don’t provide any helpful content.

On The Perpetual Saturday, my goal is to provide honest and useful information so that you are better informed on whether you want to visit – or avoid – a place. Costs, hiking shortcuts, what’s on the menu that’s shit, and yes, I provide a lot of details about washrooms because I myself have a tiny bladder!

Where ever we end up, I want to share with locals, expats, and vicarious types alike the cool things we find in the places we live or travel to. Most blogs will only write about the most popular destinations, but I want to also provide info about the places that only locals visit. Especially mundane things, from shopping malls to obscure boba tea stalls, because there are some out there that are worth spending your Saturday on!

I hope that one day I will be able to help someone with my experiences. Thank you for reading more about me! Join me in a life where we live The Perpetual Saturday!

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  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog from your Hartamas Shopping Centre post and just wanted to say I really like the blog info and format (esp the menu pics and the breakdown of prices). So thanks for that and hope you can keep posting !

    1. Thank you very much Justin! Detailed prices and especially menu pictures were things that were always missing from other blogs when I was trying to look up a restaurant and it always pissed me off. I’m glad you find the information useful and hope you continue to read 🙂

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