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O’Coffee Club might seem like another commonplace independent chain, but these gourmet roasters are a homegrown success story. Established in 1991, O’Coffee Club prides itself on being Singapore’s very first independent coffee chain. Now with multiple locations across KL, Malaysians have another option for rich and flavourful premium coffee.

Ambience & Amenities

O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara, Restaurants in 1 Mont Kiara
O’Coffee Club’s “patio”

There is “patio” seating at O’Coffee Club. This area seems better suited if you’re only having drinks since there are a lot of bar stools and low tables with couches. While there’s more natural light out here, you’re basically sitting under the mall’s escalator. The indoor dining room is a mix of cosy booths and wooden tables with hard metal chairs.

O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara, Where to eat in Mont Kiara
O’Coffee Club’s indoor dining area

There is no toilet or handwashing station in O’Coffee Club. The nearest 1 Mont Kiara washrooms are next to the Nando’s. Exit the restaurant and turn left.


The O’Coffee Club menu is safe and has wide appeal. The usual items for a brunch spot are here: sandwiches, salads, breakfast, pizza and a handful of local dishes. O’Coffee Club is an option for workers in the area, with ready-made sandwiches in the fridge out front. There are also cakes and pastries in the cabinet by the register.

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O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara menu, Brunch in Mont Kiara
O'Coffee Club menu 1 Mont Kiara
Menu at O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara, Where to eat in 1 Mont Kiara
O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara Menu, Brunch cafes in Mont Kiara
O'Coffee Club Menu 1 Mont Kiara, Coffee menu at O'Coffee Club
O'Coffee Club Mont Kiara Menu, Cafes in 1 Mont Kiara


O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara review

If you like burgers, the BBQ Beef Bacon Burger (RM32) is sure to tempt you. This too-tall burger has a thick patty with fries and salad on the side. There are a lot of toppings on this burger, and I could taste every ingredient. All the strong flavours like BBQ, blue cheese and gherkin worked together. None of the ingredients overwhelmed the others. It’s a messy meal, though, with the burger being so huge and the meat also being so delicate. About halfway through eating, the burger patty began to fall apart and drop out of the bun. The dish included an iced tea, but this is not one of those overly sugary Heaven and Earth types of iced tea. It was a simple, unsweetened iced black tea.

O'Coffee Club review Mont Kiara

The Salmon Benedict (RM32) was just weird and a letdown compared to the burger. There were two halves of “gourmet potatoes” underneath the benedict instead of English muffins. There was nothing “gourmet” about these potatoes – they were boiled, unseasoned and mealy. Any bites of egg or salmon that included these potatoes were awful. There was a stripe of pesto that we used to make the potatoes more palatable. Other than that, everything else on the plate was fine. The Hollandaise was highly buttery, and the eggs had the right amount of runniness. The salmon benedict also includes free coffee or tea.

Saturday Worthy?

I’m not sure if we’ll return to O’Coffee Club. The dishes are hit-and-miss, and the menu is a little dull. There are only a couple of dishes I’d like to try. The burger we ordered was tasty, but I don’t know in what situation where I would choose this burger over the ones from Crust. It’s hard to find a decent burger in Mont Kiara, so I’m keeping this place on my list. O’Coffee Club is a passable option that’s a good deal since it’s a larger portion and includes a drink.

Price for 2 Pax: RM74.25

BBQ Beef Bacon Burger: RM32.00
Salmon Benedict: RM32.00
10% Service: RM6.40
6% SST: RM3.84

O'Coffee Club 1 Mont Kiara location

O’Coffee Club

Address: Lot G-3A, G5 & G6 (Ground Floor, next to escalator), 1 Mont Kiara, No. 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am – 9pm
Alcohol Served: No

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