Honest Review of The Memory at On On Hotel in Phuket Old Town

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket Thailand, Hotel from The Beach movie

This boutique hotel in Phuket is famous for posing as a backpacker’s hotel in Bangkok. The Memory at On On Hotel in the heart of Phuket Old Town got worldwide recognition for its brief scene in “The Beach,” one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ridiculous early movies.

The Memory at On On Hotel lobby Phuket Old Town Thailand, Best hotels in Phuket Thailand

More than just a tacky, gimmicky hotel, The Memory at On On downplays its movie fame and instead focuses on its traditional Sino-Portuguese architecture and style. Old photographs and antiques decorate the corridors. When staying in the hotel’s themed rooms, guests can get a taste of what it was like to live like a wealthy Peranakan back in the day. Of course, you can also pretend you’re Leo himself and stay in the exact room from “The Beach,” updated and modernised for a more comfortable stay.

The Memory at On On Hotel interior, Attractions in Phuket Old Town

This is a non-sponsored review. The Memory at On On Hotel did not give me a free room or compensate me anything in exchange for this post. We had to pay for a room just like everyone else, and my opinions are based on my own unbiased experience.

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Room Review: Deluxe Double Room
Room Price
Saturday Worthy?

Amenities at The Memory at On On Hotel

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket town, Famous hotel in Phuket

There isn’t anything in the way of amenities at The Memory at On On Hotel. There are a few hangout spaces on both floors with benches, tables or wooden chairs. On the second floor, there is a room with a china hutch with beautiful intricate crockery inside.

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket, Hotels in Phuket Old Town

To the left of the concierge desk, there is a convenient fridge stocked with beverages. There’s Chang and Singha beer for around 40 Baht, sodas, and the black sugar cane drink that is in the room’s mini-fridge.

Room Review: Deluxe Double Room

The Memory at On On Hotel Room review Phuket

The door lock wasn’t the usual keycard but a physical key on a huge wooden keychain. The key was unwieldy to carry around while we were sightseeing. It did have the advantage that there was none of that “insert keycard for power.” We could leave our air conditioner on all day and come home to a chilly room.

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket review, famous hotel in Phuket

Our Deluxe Double Room had a gorgeous royal blue colour scheme. It was 25 square metres, which was big enough to keep any walkable space free from our luggage or bags. Our extra large double bed had a pretty but otherwise useless lace canopy up top. The bed was comfy enough – all my nights of sleep were normal during our stay.

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket old town review

The blue sofa was a relaxing place to read or journal. The windows had a view of the open courtyard with the fountain below. We realised afterwards how lucky we were to get this room. Some of the rooms (including the one next to us) had windows facing the hallway.

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket amenities

The wardrobe contains two bathrobes, a hairdryer, five hangers and a safe. The mini-fridge has glass bottles of Crystal brand water that are replenished daily. The Coca-Cola and black sugar cane juice are complimentary too, but the hotel will not replace them once you drink them.

The Memory at On On Hotel review Phuket thailand

The bathroom is lovely with mosaic tiles and a unique glass bowl basin sink. There wasn’t much counter space at the sink, and I had to store a few of my toiletries on the desk in the main room. The shower is behind a glass door and big enough to fit a group. Nothing to complain about when it comes to the water pressure and temperature. The hot water lasted throughout my long showers. The toiletries box contained:

The Memory at On On Hotel Amenities Phuket Town
  • 2 x Shower cap
  • 1 x Package of cotton buds
  • 1 x Bar of soap
  • 1 x Shampoo
  • 1 x Shower gel
  • 1 x Sanitary bag

Extra items like dental kits have to be requested from the front desk. The toiletries were meh quality and weren’t worth taking home. I even used some shampoo that I brought instead of the one provided by the hotel.

Service at The Memory at On On Hotel

The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket town, Best hotels in Phuket

The Memory at On On Hotel has a reputation to uphold. They are not complacent with their “famous” status and continue to work hard to make everyone’s stay as comfortable as possible. Housekeeping came by every day to make up our room, and any toiletry that was missing from the box was replaced. If we came across any maids in the hall, they greeted us brightly. The front desk staff were always polite and helpful. The English ability of the night concierge staff isn’t as good, so try to ask any questions during the day.

Price of Deluxe Double Room at The Memory at On On Hotel

THB 7,130.48 for 6 days & 5 nights, Sunday to Friday, in May 2022.

Saturday Worthy?

Every morning in the lobby, taking the same photo!


The Memory at On On Hotel’s location just can’t be beaten. It’s only one street over from the tourist lane, Thalang Road, where the Sunday Night Market takes place. You have no idea how chill it was to be able to walk home from the chaos of that market without the hassle of dealing with a taxi. The room price isn’t too bad for such a central location, either. The beautiful, historic architecture and design of the building make The Memory at On On Hotel more than just a place to sleep. Even without its movie cameo, this is a tourist attraction in its own right.

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