La Terrazza, Uluwatu

A beautiful, underrated Italian restaurant on the Uluwatu cliffs

View at La Terrazza Uluwatu, Restaurants and bars at Uluwatu Beach Bali

There’s no shortage of restaurants overlooking the beaches at Uluwatu, but La Terrazza is a bit of a hidden gem. Most of the other establishments on the cliff are pretty simple in their vibe or food. La Terrazza is a classier option with attentive, quick service and delicious Italian food.

How To Get Here

The entrance to La Terrazza is easy to miss. Take the stairs down as if you were heading to Suluban Beach. There is a walkway on the left and signs for the restaurant right before the Twin Fin Bar.

Ambience & Amenities

There are two patios for guests to dine in. The lower patio is more popular with a variety of different seating styles. There are bar tables by the edge, regular tables shaded by classy linen umbrellas, and cosy couches in the back corners. The upper patio is roofed and shaded. It’s quieter up here, but perhaps a little less comfortable as the chairs don’t have cushions as they do downstairs.

La Terrazza Uluwatu, Best restaurants at Uluwatu beach suluban beach blue point beach bali

La Terrazza has very convenient lockers on-site, probably for any guest who has just come from surfing or swimming and needs to stash their gear. The lockers are on the right side of the lower patio. I think they are free to use.

La Terrazza Uluwatu Beach, Where to eat in Uluwatu Bali
Upper patio at La Terrazza

The toilets at La Terrazza are on the upper patio. There are stairs around the right side of the restaurant past the lockers. There were two spotless rooms with toilets and a communal sink outside with all the conveniences one would expect.


La Terrazza’s menu is very extensive. Aside from the usual Italian favourites like pizza and focaccia sandwiches, there are a couple of pages for breakfast options and decadent desserts. Strangely, I didn’t see any pasta on the menu unless I missed a page. Water costs Rp. 8,000 for a 500 ml bottle.

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La Terrazza Uluwatu Menu
La Terrazza Uluwatu Bali Menu, Italian restaurants in Bali
Menu at La Terrazza Italian Restaurant Uluwatu
Menu at La Terrazza Uluwatu
La Terrazza Menu Uluwatu, Best restaurants near Uluwatu beach
La Terrazza Menu Bali
La Terrazza Menu Uluwatu Beach
La Terrazza Uluwatu Menu
Focaccia sandwiches
La Terrazza Uluwatu Bali Menu
La Terrazza Menu Uluwatu Beach
Menu at La Terrazza Bali
La Terrazza Drinks menu Uluwatu Bali
La Terrazza Cocktail menu Uluwatu bali


La Terrazza Italian Restaurant Uluwatu Review, Food at La Terrazza Uluwatu
La Terrazza Review Uluwatu

We shared a light lunch and started with the Arancini Cotto e Mozzarella (Rp. 75,000). They were a little smaller than I’m used to. Inside, the mozzarella was lightly melted, and there was a decent helping of cotto ham buried in the risotto. The pesto element was very subtle, and I could barely taste it. While these arancini were delectable on their own, I thought some marinara sauce would have elevated these.

La Terrazza Uluwatu Food review Bali

Our main dish was the Ciclone (Rp. 115,000) sandwich. The focaccia bread was soft, spongy, and with a light layer of extra virgin olive oil on the bottom. The crumbled chorizo provided a more balanced and even meat distribution throughout the whole sandwich. There was no tough sausage casing we had to bite through either. Overall, this is a great sandwich. It’s just pricey for the portion size. We each got a beverage to enjoy with the food (beer and a kombucha) and a second drink (cocktail and espresso) as a digestif.

Saturday Worthy?

La Terrazza Uluwatu Bali Review

La Terrazza is vastly underrated compared to the other cliffside restaurants at Uluwatu Beach. There’s a gorgeous view from the patios, the food is good, and it’s much less busy than somewhere like Single Fin. During lunchtime, everyone at the restaurant could get their preferred seat. Meanwhile, we could see the bar tables at Single Fin, and they were all taken. La Terrazza is the place if you want something more upscale than warung food without having to be squished in with other diners.

Price for 2 Pax: Rp. 485,000

Arancini Cotto e Mozzarella: Rp. 75,000
Ciclone: Rp. 115,000
Kombucha: Rp. 35,000
Stark Mango: Rp. 55,000
Green Wild: Rp. 100,000
Espresso: Rp. 28,000
Balian House Water: Rp. 8,000
6% Service: Rp. 24,960
10% Tax: Rp. 44,096
Rounding: Rp. 56

La Terrazza Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

La Terrazza

Address: Pantai Suluban St Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Opening Hours: Daily, 8am – 8pm (10pm on Fridays and Weekends)
Alcohol Served: Yes

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