Amarin Heavenly Thai, Mid Valley Megamall

A classy option for traditional Thai food in Mid Valley Megamall

Despite being located in a huge shopping destination, Amarin Heavenly Thai is the only speciality Thai restaurant in Mid Valley Megamall. Tucked away in a corner on the second floor, Amarin is a more upscale option than the casual Thai food chains that you find in other malls.

Ambience & Amenities

Amarin Heavenly Thai is a spacious restaurant. There are a lot of dark decor accents and dim lighting that make it feel like the kind of place meant for an intimate dinner.

Amarin Heavenly Thai Mid Valley Review. Restaurants in Mid Valley Megamall

There is no toilet or handwashing station inside the restaurant. Exit Amarin and turn left to reach the nearest mall washrooms. They are down the corridor next to the PopCorn Food Hall.


The dishes on Amarin Mid Valley’s menu are strictly and authentically Thai, complete with their Thai names and English descriptions in fine print underneath. Amarin does not offer free filtered water. The cheapest water option is RM6.

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Amarin Heavenly Thai menu Mid Valley megamall
Amarin mid valley menu price
Amarin mid valley megamall menu
Amarin Heavenly Thai menu mid valley
Amarin Heavenly Thai mid valley menu
Amarin Heavenly Thai mid valley megamall menu
Menu at Amarin Heavenly Thai mid valley
Amarin Heavenly Thai menu price
Amarin menu price mid valley megamall
Amarin Heavenly Thai menu


Amarin Heavenly Thai food review

Since the water was not free at Amarin Heavenly Thai, we ordered a Thai Iced Green Tea (RM15) and a Hot Lemongrass Tea (RM15) to drink. Both drinks were in a generous size, with the tea being a whole pot instead of just a cup. We were able to get complimentary hot water refills for our teapot.

Amarin Mid Valley review, Where to eat in mid valley megamall

Unlike other Thai restaurants, there was only one option for the Pad Thai, the Phad Thai Goong Ho Khai (RM30). This was a seafood version with five good-sized prawns. There was an omelette on top of a hearty helping of noodles. We shared this dish, but if I ate the entire thing, I would have been stuffed. The noodles had a satisfying chewiness to them. The base dish had no spiciness, but there were chilli flakes on the side for us to customise. However, with how spicy our other order was, we welcomed the non-spicy relief of these noodles.

Amarin Heavenly Thai review mid valley megamall

There was no option on the spice level for the Phad Bai Ka Prow (RM38). It doesn’t look like it, but this stir-fried dish is seriously spicy. This is not for the faint of heart. Mark had to stop eating it because it was too much, and even I had to pick out the chillies when I was tasked with finishing the rest of it. Despite my mouth being an inferno, the duck was very tasty and tender with a salty, garlicky flavour from the sauce. Getting through the Phad Bai Ka Prow was made slightly easier with my milky Thai tea drink. We also ordered a side of Steamed Rice (RM6) to pair with this. The rice isn’t a set amount. Instead, the server came to our table and spooned rice onto our plates until we had as much as we wanted.

Saturday Worthy?

Amarin is owned by the same company as Absolute Thai, but the prices are more expensive at Amarin. Even though we destroyed our tongues with that super hot stir-fried duck, we enjoyed the food at Amarin Heavenly Thai. Eating here is definitely an indulgence, but we would come here again.

Price for 2 Pax: RM104.05

Phad Thai Goong Ho Khai: RM25.90
Phad Bai Ka Prow: RM32.76
Steamed Rice: RM5.20
Thai Iced Green Tea: RM12.93
Hot Lemongrass Tea: RM12.93
10% Service: RM8.97
6% SST: RM5.38
Rounding: (RM0.02)

Amarin Heavenly Thai Mid Valley Megamall

Amarin Heavenly Thai

Address: Lot S-045, Level 2, Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur,
Opening Hours: Daily, 10am – 10pm
Alcohol Served: Yes

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