Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe, Putrajaya

Cheap food that is better than expected.

Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Review, Best Cafes in Putrajaya

Even if you’re depressingly uncool, don’t worry. Lamewads are still welcome at Karyabhara – The Hipster Cafe! This Putrajaya cafe chain strives to prove that simple food doesn’t have to taste simple.

Ambience & Amenities

Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe, Best restaurants in Putrajaya

Aesthetics is the priority at Karyabhara while still being comfortable. A variety of art fills the walls, from acrylic paint canvases to abstract block prints. There are more tables outside on the patio facing south toward the public plaza. Outside the other entrance, there are a couple more tables within the Menara PERKESO Putrajaya building. The best seat looks like the one across from the restaurant, where there are two grand wooden thrones and a coffee table.

Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Menara PERKESO Putrajaya

There is no toilet or handwashing sink inside The Hipster Cafe. Exit the restaurant through the Menara PERKESO Putrajaya entrance and turn right. The building facilities will be down the corridor that is on the right side.


The menu at Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe is small with only two pages of main dishes, with a handful of options under each category. The rest of the menu is sweet snacks and drinks. Even though this place filled up during the weekday lunch rush, Karyabhara seems better suited for coffee and a snack. Water costs RM1 per glass but comes with free refills.

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Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Menu Putrajaya
Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Putrajaya Menu
Menu at Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe
Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Menu


Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Food review, Putrajaya restaurants

The Nasi Lemak Karyabhara (RM11.90) looks basic, but this dish was much better than it lets on. The egg, which is usually very overcooked at other restaurants, was nicely runny when we cut into it. The rice is a long-grain basmati, a step up from the typical nasi lemak rice. We preferred this drier basmati rice with more texture and bite to it. The usual nasi lemak sides were all on the plate, along with some bonus prawn crackers in fun shapes.

Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe review, Where to eat in Putrajaya

The Mee Soto (RM11.90) arrived with chilli on the side without needing to ask for it. For just a mee soto, the presentation was very nice with lots of different colours and ingredients evenly spread throughout the bowl. There was a satisfying amount of noodles with shredded chicken and a couple of fish cake slices. The soup was incredibly flavourful, and eventually, I stopped adding the chilli because it didn’t need it.

Saturday Worthy?

I guess I’m used to KL prices, so I was astounded when we could get a filling lunch in a lovely, air-conditioned cafe for so cheap. I thought this place was going to be overhyped, but both of our meals were tasty. The food is better than expected for what it is, but Karyabhara is not worth travelling to if you don’t live or work in Putrajaya.

Price for 2 Pax: RM28.40

Nasi Lemak Karyabhara: RM11.90
Mee Soto: RM11.90
Ice Water x 2: RM2.00
10% Service: RM2.58
Rounding: RM0.02

Karyabhara The Hipster Cafe Menara PERKESO Putrajaya

Karyabhara – The Hipster Cafe

Address: Lot G-05, Tingkat Bawah, Menara PERKESO Putrajaya, Presint 2, 62000 Putrajaya
Opening Hours: Sunday 8am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday 8am – 9:30pm
Alcohol Served: No

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