The Tent, Old Phuket Town

The Tent used to be good, but now they’re not even trying anymore.

The high Google and TripAdvisor rating is the only reason that The Tent made it onto our list of breakfast joints to try. I’m not sure if it was because of the pandemic or if this place is just coasting on its good reputation these days, but our experience at The Tent was clearly very different from most other people’s experiences.

Ambience & Amenities

The Tent is a cute, Instagrammable cafe. Bright turquoise and yellows accent a clean neutral colour scheme. The namesake tents are along the left wall on a raised platform. Guests can dine inside these snug teepees, though it will involve taking your shoes off and sitting on the floor.

The Tent Phuket old town, Breakfast places in Phuket old town

The washroom is through the door at the back of the cafe. It’s located past the kitchen in a semi-outdoor storage area behind the restaurant. There was a sitting toilet with lots of toilet paper, with a sink outside of the room.


There are tons of options on The Tent menu. Carb-lovers will rejoice at the full pages of burgers, croissants, bagels and baguette options. Water costs 25 Baht per bottle.

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The Tent Phuket menu
The Tent menu Phuket
The Tent menu Old Phuket Town
The Tent menu old town Phuket
The Tent menu Phuket old town
The Tent Phuket old town menu
Menu at The Tent Phuket
Menu The Tent Phuket old town
Menu The Tent old Phuket town
The Tent Phuket Menu
The Tent breakfast menu Phuket
Breakfast menu at The Tent old Phuket town
The Tent Phuket breakfast menu
The Tent Phuket menu
The Tent menu old Phuket town
The Tent Phuket breakfast menu
Menu at The Tent Old Phuket town
Menu at The Tent Phuket
The Tent menu Phuket thailand


The Tent Review Phuket old town, Where to eat in Phuket Thailand

The Mixed Berry Oatmeal Waffle (139 Baht) is made with oats, egg whites and mashed banana to cut down on calories. The banana in the batter really shines through and we could taste it in our bites. These waffles are made with less dairy, which is great for anyone lactose-intolerant. Although, it’s moot since they’re smothered in yogurt. The yogurt has a caramel-like consistency but it’s not as thick as greek yogurt. The berries and the yogurt make these very tart waffles. It was disappointing to see that the berries on top were not fresh. They were from a frozen mix that was not even fully thawed when the plate arrived.

The Tent food review old Phuket town, Breakfast in old phuket town

The Cheesy Croissant Bacon (189 Baht) was not as packed and appetizing as its menu picture made it out to be. It was a skimpy sandwich and the cheese wasn’t even fully melted. Revoltingly, several live ants were crawling on the plate. The cafe’s crockery is stored in that outdoor part where the toilets are. When I mentioned the ants to the staff, they didn’t care. They simply looked at the plate and walked away indifferently.

Saturday Worthy?

Even if there weren’t insects crawling around on my food, our breakfast at The Tent sucked. The food had that feel of the chef not giving a fuck anymore. Why did the cafe think that anyone would want to eat half-frozen berries on a waffle? Without a doubt, this was the worst breakfast we had in Old Town. Snapping photos of the quirky tents is not worth the low-effort food you’ll have to eat by coming here. Go to The Neighbours Cafe, Siam Bakery or even Rose Espresso for better food and more welcoming service.

Price for 2 Pax: 478 Baht

Americano: 75 Baht
Caramel Macchiato: 75 Baht
Mixed Berry Oatmeal Waffle: 139 Baht
Cheesy Croissant Bacon: 189 Baht

The Tent Old Phuket Town

The Tent

Address: Thepkrasattri Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily, 7am – 4pm
Alcohol Served: No

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