BlackByrd, KLCC

Another KL rooftop bar, but only a tiny section has the best view

Black Byrd KLCC Naza Tower, Rooftop bars in KL

BlackByrd is yet another rooftop bar in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and only a five-minute walk from KLCC Park. Resting on the 50th floor of Naza Tower, this restaurant and lounge has a fully stocked bar and a stunning view of the Petronas Towers.

How To Get Here

Black Byrd KL

Tell one of the receptionists in the Naza Tower lobby that you’re visiting BlackByrd, and they’ll call the elevator. There are specific elevators that guests must use to get up to the restaurant. The other elevators only go to the lower levels or require a keycard. Similarly, when leaving the restaurant, you must use the elevators at the end of the hall (close to Dragon Fly) to return to the lobby.

Ambience & Amenities

Black Byrd KL Naza Tower, Rooftop Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

BlackByrd is a curved room with tall windows that look to the northwest of KL. Unlike other rooftop bars, the room is completely enclosed. There are some very cosy booths right when entering the restaurant, but the Felda building next door blocks most of the view.

Review of BlackByrd KL

The best seats are around the corner, directly across from the bar. This section has an unobstructed view of the Petronas Towers and KL Tower. The lower windows aren’t blocked by tables, either. Some other reviewers complained of dirty windows, so your pictures might catch some of the streaks on the glass.

BlackByrd, KL Restaurants with a view

There are only about ten seats in this primo area, so don’t count on snagging these tables on a busy night. We visited at 3:30 pm on a Friday, so we had our pick of seats in the empty restaurant. There’s also a secret curtained-off section next to the washrooms, but I would guess this space is for parties or VIPs.

The washrooms at BlackByrd are past the restaurant entrance down a narrow corridor. The women’s room had everything I expected – a clean toilet, paper and hand soap.


The food menu at BlackByrd KL is only two pages of Asian and International food. The majority of the dishes are pasta and expensive cuts of meat. Don’t miss the bar food list hidden inside the drinks menu. This list includes more casual food at a very reasonable price for a place like this.

Click on menu pictures to enlarge

BlackByrd KL menu
BlackByrd menu
BlackByrd menu KL

BlackByrd’s drink menu is a book. There are pages and pages of cocktails, various spirits, wines and non-alcoholic options. There was so much variety that the pictures below are just a menu sample. I didn’t want to sit there taking pictures of literally twenty pages of drinks. Clearly, BlackByrd is a place to drink, not eat.

BlackByrd Drink menu KLCC
BlackByrd KL drink menu
Black Byrd KL menu
Menu at Black Byrd KL


Drinks at Black Byrd KL

We ordered the Opihr Oriental Spiced (RM33). Nothing much to say about this drink – it’s a simple, classic gin and tonic with Opihr gin. The Smoke Screen (RM55) was much more interesting, as it should be for that price. The cocktail arrived with a little show involved. The server slowly lifted the delicate glass dome to let the smoke swirl out and dissipate, the smell with a hint of burnt cinnamon wafting out.

This drink has two different kinds of rum, including an overproof one, but it wasn’t overwhelming or gave me a head rush. The Smoke Screen was much more complex than our other drink, with sweet spice as the primary flavour accented with a bit of cinnamon. I did not taste the chocolate bitters in this, though.

Saturday Worthy?

Review of Black Byrd KL

There’s no shortage of rooftop bars in KL, and I can’t see anything that makes BlackByrd stand out from all the others. We didn’t eat here, so maybe the food is particularly noteworthy. The bar food menu looks tempting and surprisingly affordable for a rooftop bar. The drinks were pleasant and what I expected from a high-class lounge like this. There was a variety of options where everyone could find something they want. I could see us coming back to Black Byrd and getting some drinks and bar bites, but honestly, we would only do so during off-peak hours to ensure we get those great seats.

Price for 2 Pax: RM102.10

Opihr Oriental Spiced: RM33.00
Smoke Screen: RM55.00
10% Service: RM8.80
6% SST: RM5.28
Rounding: RM0.02

BlackByrd KL Naza Tower KLCC

BlackByrd KL

Address: Level 50, Naza Tower, 10, Persiaran KLC, Kuala Lumpur 50450
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Monday & Tuesday), 12pm – 12am (Wednesday to Sunday)
Alcohol Served: Yes

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