Hubba Mont Kiara, Seni Mont Kiara

The place for a kid’s party or beer and football with the lads.

Hubba Mont Kiara restaurant, Where to eat in Mont Kiara

Seni Mont Kiara’s in-house restaurant, Hubba Mont Kiara, somehow manages to be a catch-all place. It’s a family-friendly restaurant that’s a popular spot for children’s parties, but it’s also a sports and live music bar. Even non-Mont Kiarans make the journey to eat here. Guests driving to this restaurant will have to register with the guardhouse, but parking is free.

Ambience & Amenities

Hubba Mont Kiara Seni Mont Kiara, Bars in Mont Kiara

Hubba Mont Kiara’s dining room looks generic. The type of nondescript place that can easily transition from a family-friendly restaurant during the day to a live music bar by night. A long row of windows runs along two walls, but there isn’t much of a view. There are TVs and a projector screen that will usually show football. At the back, there is a section that looks like it’s for private events.

Hubba Mont Kiara restaurant Seni Mont Kiara, Sports bar mont kiara

The toilets are in the back right corner of the restaurant behind a screen of potted plants. There was a separate small room for men and women, each with a sitting toilet and toilet paper. There were two sinks with soap dispensers and paper towels to dry hands.


Hubba Mont Kiara has a diverse menu of bar nibbles, Indian food, Malaysian food and western favourites. It’s hard to keep up with such an extensive menu, however. Two items we tried to order were unavailable. Although the food is pork-free, Hubba Mont Kiara does serve alcohol. Happy hour runs every day from 2 pm to 6 pm, with ten mugs of Carlsberg for RM99.

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Hubba Mont Kiara menu Seni Mont Kiara
Hubba Mont Kiara Seni Mont Kiara Menu
Hubba Mont Kiara Menu
Hubba Mont Kiara Seni Mont Kiara Menu
Hubba Mont Kiara Menu
Hubba Mont Kiara Drinks menu happy hour
Menu at Hubba Mont Kiara Seni Mont Kiara
Hubba Mont Kiara Menu Happy Hour Deal
Hubba Mont Kiara Menu at Seni Mont Kiara


Hubba Mont Kiara Food review Seni Mont Kiara

The Chicken Cordon Blur (RM35) is not the typical chicken cordon bleu, which intrigued me. Three different kinds of meat are wrapped around each other and deep fried, fish and chips style, in what seems like a beer-battered crust. The cheese has that wrinkled plasticky look which suggests that it’s a processed slice. The chicken was a mess once I cut into it – thick cheese everywhere and the fried skin separating from the meat. Still, this was very tasty with the moist, dark chicken meat and crisp battered shell.

The pot of gravy on the side was surprisingly good. Not too watery and not too thick. I usually love ketchup on fries, but this gravy was so good that I dipped all of my fries into it. I wasn’t a fan of the coleslaw. It was too sweet, like fast-food coleslaw. We thought this would be a very filling dish with all the deep-fried food and cheese, but we did not feel heavy and bloated after eating this.

Hubba Mont Kiara Review Seni Mont Kiara

The Malabar Mutton Curry (RM31) is such a large serving that seems like it is meant to have leftovers for takeaway. There were two parathas and the bowl of curry was deeper than we expected. The curry sauce was satisfyingly dense and had great flavour. There were many chunks of lamb, a mix of lean and fatty pieces. The spice level was mild to me. I don’t even remember registering any heat while eating this.

Saturday Worthy?

We were happy that both of our dishes were tasty and we definitely plan to return. There are several items on Hubba Mont Kiara’s menu that looked tempting. If their other dishes are as good as the ones we ordered today, then we can come back here often and always have something different to eat.

Price for 2 Pax: RM97.45

Chicken Cordon Blur: RM35.00
Malabar Mutton Curry: RM31.00
Ice Lemon Tea x 2: RM18.00
10% Service: RM8.40
6% SST: RM5.04
Rounding: RM0.01

Hubba Mont Kiara Seni Mont Kiara, Live music bars in Mont Kiara

Hubba Mont Kiara

Address: Lot G-1 (Upper floor, above The Midnight Baker), Seni Mont Kiara, 2A, Changkat Duta Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 12am
Alcohol Served: Yes

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