KoFi by 77, Mont Kiara

A hidden brunch cafe at one of Mont Kiara’s condominiums

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KoFi by 77 is a little-known brunch cafe in the coffee cluster near the Vista Kiara Condominium. Even though there are no less than three other competing cafes within a few steps of this place, many people choose KoFi by 77 for their indulgent coffee and chat sessions with family and friends.

Ambience & Amenities

Kofi by 77 Mont Kiara
Main dining area

KoFi by 77 is in the Vista Kiara Shoppe, an L-shaped retail block next to the Vista Kiara gatehouse. The main room has picnic tables and bar seating in front of the window. There is additional seating in the adjacent room with cosy couches and one long family-style table. KoFi by 77 is a dog-friendly restaurant. There were a couple of cute pooches in the cafe during our visit.

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Secondary dining room

There is an in-house toilet at KoFi by 77. Head into the secondary dining area and turn right. The washroom is in the corner. It’s a bright single room with a sitting toilet, toilet paper, and a fancy bar of charcoal soap at the sink.


Breakfast food is a staple in any cafe, but KoFi by 77’s menu is more lunch-focused with rice bowls, sandwiches and pasta. Guests order at the counter, where there are some cakes and cookies next to the register worth checking out. Filtered water is free. At the counter next to the coffee machine are tall jugs and glasses that guests can request or take themselves.

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Kofi by 77 menu
Kofi by 77 Mont Kiara menu
Kofi by 77 menu Vista kiara
Kofi by 77 menu mont kiara
Kofi by 77 Vista Kiara menu


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I ordered a special item, the Pulled Beef Sando (RM30). There’s not much filling in the sandwich, just the beef, cheese and thin slices of pickle. I thought that there wasn’t enough beef for the amount of bread. I was re-arranging the fillings so there weren’t as many beefless bites.

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The pulled beef was extremely tender and flavourful, though. Even though pickle is a sharp flavour, the beef completely overwhelmed it. There were no condiments in this sandwich, but it didn’t need them. The tomato and rosemary focaccia added that little extra and complemented the taste of the pulled beef.

Kofi by 77 review, coffee shops vista kiara

The Saikyo Sourdough Sando (RM26) doesn’t come with any sides, but it’s a pretty large sandwich. This sando was a little underwhelming. Butterfish has a distinct taste when raw, but it’s all lost once it’s cooked. The fried butterfish in this sandwich tastes like any other run-of-the-mill whitefish. The menu claims that there was grilled eggplant, but the cafe seems to have substituted cucumber instead. The sourdough bread was the best part of the sandwich. We got a Flat White with Oat Milk (RM16) and a Lemonade (RM12) to drink. The Lemonade was, unfortunately, much smaller than I was expecting.

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Saturday Worthy?

Although the sandwiches and some of their drinks are overpriced, I would come back to KoFi by 77. Their bread is fantastic, and the slice of cake we tried was delicious and not too expensive. It’s a comfortable, quiet space. I can see why those who know about this place spend hours here.

Price for 2 Pax: RM84.00

Pulled Beef Sando: RM30.00
Saikyo Sourdough Sando: RM26.00
Lemonade: RM12.00
Flat White: RM12.00
Oat Milk Add-On for Coffee: RM4.00

Kofi by 77 Vista Kiara Shoppe Mont Kiara

KoFi by 77

Address: Vista Kiara Shops, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7:30am – 4pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am – 4:30pm
Alcohol Served: No

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