K-Wing, LaLaport Mall

A poor man’s K-Fry.

K-Wing Lalaport Mall Bukit Bintang, Korean fried chicken in KL

Who can resist Korean fried chicken and melted cheese? K-Wing brings their own style of fried chicken to LaLaport Mall. Seemingly trying to recreate the wildly popular K-Fry Urban Korean, K-Wing’s version of the chicken bumbuk falls significantly short.

Ambience & Amenities

K-Wing brings the neon chaos of downtown Seoul within its four walls. There is a permanent late-night bar vibe with dark lighting everywhere. The spaces that aren’t decorated with kitschy glowing logos have pretty cool designs that are reminiscent of street art. There is a stage set up next to the bar and one TV facing the left side of the room.

K-Wing Lalaport Mall Gourmet Street, Korean restaurants in Bukit Bintang

There is no toilet or handwashing station inside the restaurant. The nearest public washroom is on Gourmet Street, on the same side as K-Wing, past the Wow Plaza.


You’d think this is a Korean restaurant, but the number of Malaysian, Chinese and other international cuisines outweigh the Korean dishes. For a place that calls itself K-Wing, there are also very few chicken wings on the menu. Water is styled as “Sky Juice,” which is water with a lemon wedge and costs at least RM1.50 per glass.

K-Wing Menu, Korean fried chicken Lalaport mall
K-Wing Lalaport Mall Menu Bukit Bintang
Menu at K-Wing Lalaport Mall
Menu at K-Wing Bukit Bintang City Centre
K-Wing Lalaport Mall Bukit Bintang Menu
K-Wing menu Lalaport Mall, Bars at Lalaport Mall
K-Wing Drink menu Lalaport Mall bukit bintang


K-Wing Review Lalaport Mall, K-Wing Korean fried chicken food review

The 8 Piece Boneless Chicken Snack Pot (RM30.90) arrives hovering over a small pot of flammable gel. There are crispy, shoestring french fries, and the ramekin included in the basket is spicy mayonnaise for dipping. Within a few minutes, the cheese melted to that satisfying stringy consistency. Unlike K-Fry, we had to do all the work ourselves. Wrapping the first pieces of chicken was fine, but the flame underneath was too hot and lasted too long. The cheese in our basket started to burn rapidly and stick to the paper. We had to quickly smother the remaining chicken pieces in cheese and transfer them onto our plates.

K-Wing Lalaport Mall food Review, Korean fried chicken at Lalaport mall

The chicken were these tiny, dry pieces that had very little meat on them. Too often, there were bites with hard, unappealing gristle in the chicken. This basket is much too small for sharing yet is too expensive for a snack size portion. We were thinking of ordering some chicken wings, but this dish was so terrible that we decided against it. I got a Tiger Crystal (RM15) to drink, but only because the restaurant had no stock of their other, better beers.

Saturday Worthy?

K-Wing might be an okay place to drink at LaLaport Mall but stay away from their food. This place really puts into perspective how good K-Fry is. The chicken at K-Wing is poor quality, dry and full of inedible cartilage. Several items were out of stock, and the servers had trouble taking our alternate orders. This entire restaurant, from the cook to the wait staff, had the bumbling quality of people who had no idea what they were doing. I’m never coming here again, even if reviews say that the food and service have improved.

Price for 2 Pax: RM52.15

8pc Boneless Chicken + Fries + Cheese: RM30.90
Tiger Crystal Bottle: RM15
Water: RM1.50
10% Service: RM4.74
Rounding: RM0.01

K-Wing Lalaport Mall Gourmet Street Bukit Bintang City Centre


Address: Lot G89 & G90 (Gourmet Street), LaLaport Mall, No. 2, Jalan Hang Tuah, Bukit Bintang City Centre, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 12:30am (2am Saturdays)
Alcohol Served: Yes

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