Burnin’ Pit, Desa Sri Hartamas

This is great barbecue, but you’ll be paying a lot.

Burnin' Pit review, Best restaurants in Desa Sri Hartamas

Burnin’ Pit would otherwise blend in with the other restaurants in Desa Sri Hartamas if it weren’t for the greasy, well-used charcoal black smoker grill out front. When someone is grilling, it’s hard not to notice the sight, and especially not the smell, of mouthwatering barbecue wafting throughout the area.

Ambience & Amenities

Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas review

Burnin’ Pit wants guests to think about barbecue constantly with the wood and firelog accents everywhere. There are multiple floors in the restaurant, and it is much bigger than it seems at first glance. The ground level is very bright with big windows lining two sides. Each table has two bottles of sauce – a traditional barbecue and Burnin’ Pit’s signature sweet peach sauce. Burnin’ Pit didn’t have ketchup for our fries, but these two sauces are a fine substitution.

Burnin' Pit desa sri hartamas, Barbecue restaurants in KL

The washrooms are through the door on the right side of the restaurant, next to the fire log storage shelf. There were three stalls with toilets and paper and two sinks with soap and paper towels.


Burnin’ Pit is a carnivore’s paradise. The few vegetable dishes on Burnin’ Pit’s menu would probably be palatable to even the biggest veggie hater. Unless you’re ready to drop close to a hundred ringgit, the only way you’ll get a taste of barbecue is by ordering one of the sandwiches. The only other affordable options are Burnin’ Pit’s fried chicken, a fried rice dish, the snacks or the sides. Filtered water is free, but you have to ask for it.

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Burnin' Pit menu Desa Sri Hartamas, Top barbecue in Kuala lumpur
Burnin' Pit menu
Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas menu
Menu at Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas
Burnin' Pit menu
Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas menu
Menu at Burnin' Pit


Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas review

We ordered a Summer Fizz (RM16.90) and some Lemon Tea (RM12) to drink. We received a whole pot of tea, good for about four cups, which is good value for the price. The Summer Fizz was mainly peach flavour. I couldn’t pick up much cranberry. The mint syrup can taste kind of toothpastey at times, so don’t order this unless you love mint.

Burnin' Pit review Desa Sri Hartamas

Funnily, Burnin’ Pit’s Sloppy Joe’s (RM32) looks more like a traditional Philly cheesesteak than their “Philly Cheese” sandwich. The bread was one of the best things about this sandwich. It was an actual crispy on-the-outside mini baguette instead of a hot dog bun which is usually too soft. The bread could hold all the cheese and meat juices without getting remotely soggy, even when we were down to the last bites.

Burnin' Pit food review Desa Sri Hartamas

Underneath the cheese spread topping, there are layers of meat. Fall apart in your mouth brisket slices are at the bottom. On top of that, there’s a little bit of extra cheese, which adds something extra to those bites at the bottom of the sandwich since there’s no way anyone is getting this entire thing in their mouth. There is a layer of beef chili, and the pulled beef brisket rests on top. The Sloppy Joe’s was so sinfully gluttonous and delicious.

Burnin' Pit review

The Philly Cheese (RM32) has brisket, cheese and onions spilling out of the crispy toasted ciabatta bun. Burnin’ Pit did not skimp on any of the ingredients here. I’m pretty sure the cheddar is the same cheese spread on our Sloppy Joe. It was too liquidy, and did not have the stringiness of real melted cheddar. On my first bite, I could instantly feel how tender the beef brisket was. I never got any tough gristle pieces that I would have to tear with my fingers. Unlike our other dish, the Philly Cheese has room for improvement by adding one of the two sauces on the table. I liked the flavours of the Sloppy Joe’s sandwich better, but the Philly Cheese is still worth ordering.

Saturday Worthy?

Burnin' Pit barbecue restaurant, Where to eat in Desa Sri Hartamas

I was completely surprised by the food at Burnin’ Pit. Our sandwiches were huge and loaded with ingredients. Both of us were absolutely stuffed before finishing our meals, and I wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day. I thought this would be a very generic restaurant that wouldn’t put any effort into the food – that they were simply coasting on their status as a barbecue restaurant, which is why I didn’t want to waste over RM200 for a platter only to be disappointed. However, I was very impressed. The food at Burnin’ Pit was so good that I will gladly come back and try their expensive barbecue platters.

Price for 2 Pax: RM107.75

Sloppy Joe’s: RM32.00
Philly Cheese: RM32.00
Summer Fizz: RM16.90
Lemon Tea: RM12.00
10% Service: RM9.29
6% SST: RM5.57
Rounding: (RM0.01)

Burnin' Pit Desa Sri Hartamas, Best barbecue restaurants in KL

Burnin’ Pit

Address: 24, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 10pm
Alcohol Served: Yes

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