Taman Tugu Orange Trail Hike

Taman Tugu Hiking trails

The Orange Trail in Taman Tugu is the newest addition to the park’s hiking trail network. It adds an extra 1.2 kilometres and snakes around the once-empty eastern part of Taman Tugu. This trail is a low-to-medium intensity hike with a fair amount of uphill near the end.

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This trail is a part of the sprawling, thirty-checkpoint main Taman Tugu hiking trail. You can only get on The Orange Trail by walking parts of the Green and Yellow trail first. The Orange Trail itself takes about 45 minutes to walk. We hiked the Orange Trail and only the sections of the Green Trail to get to Orange. It took about 75 minutes in total.

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You will have to start at CP-01 on the Green Trail. You can use the various secondary trail shortcuts to get to CP-21, where the Orange Trail begins.

Taman Tugu Orange Hiking trail, Hiking in KL
Do not take the path ahead, go left

There is one confusing part where we got turned around. At CP-24, do not take the path directly ahead of the sign. Otherwise, you’ll be walking the Orange Trail backwards. Take the route that goes to the left and up some stairs at this point to get to CP-21.

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Make a U-turn at CP-21 to begin the Orange trail

Once at the CP-21 sign marker, turn around and you’ll see that there are two parallel paths. Take the one on the left to begin the Orange Trail. A big map board will mark the start of the path.

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The Orange Trail starts in an open field with no shade or canopy cover. Once the path delves back into the jungle, there are some downhill stairs to get down to the rivulet. Cross the stone bridge over a very shallow stream of water.

Taman Tugu Orange trail hike

About a minute later, there is a crossroads in the trail. The left and right are dead ends to open fields with power lines. Follow the sign and continue straight ahead.

Taman Tugu Orange Hiking trail

The path briefly goes through a forest of trees with thin, dangling tendrils. After that, there are a lot of uphill stairs until you get to CP-23. Most of the stairs will have a bench or rest area once you reach the top.

Once at CP-23, the path flattens out and slopes downward. About halfway between CP-23 and CP-24, there is a section of the trail that runs next to a marshy bog. There are a lot of mosquitoes here, so don’t stand still for too long.

Taman Tugu Orange Trail, Hiking trails in Taman Tugu

The Orange Trail ends at a fork next to CP-24. The path straight ahead leads to CP-25 on the Green Trail and, eventually, the trail exit.

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Taman Tugu Orange Trail Info

Opening Hours: 7am – 6:30pm
Duration: <1 hour
Parking: Yes (free)
Washrooms On-Site: Yes

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