Taman Tugu Green & Yellow Trail Hike

Taman Tugu Park Map, Hiking trails in Taman Tugu

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Taman Tugu

I can’t believe that I’ve only just now visited Taman Tugu despite living ten minutes away all these years. This site was built on the bones of old government lodgings, and you can still see remnants of it today with forgotten concrete foundation blocks here and there. The Green and Yellow trails in Taman Tugu Trail spans over 3 kilometres across the northern forest of the park. This is an easy hike for people of all fitness levels and the trails form a loop so you can finish where you started.

Taman Tugu Trails

If you’ve driven here, head to your left after crossing the parking lot. The trail entrance is a concrete wall with a big Taman Tugu sign etched on the wall. Next to it will be information on the conservation project and park rules. There’s also a big map that you can take a picture of to make navigating your hike easier.

The Green Trail is where four out of the five trails in Taman Tugu begin. The Green Trail is about an hour-long walk. If you want to extend your hike, you can add the Yellow Trail to the journey. This Yellow Trail ends back at the Green trail so you won’t be missing anything by taking this longer route.

Taman Tugu Green Yellow Trail Hike, Hiking in KL

A hike through the Green forest trail is gentle and unchallenging. It’s mostly flat with distinct and well-kept pathways. There will be a climb at a few points, but stairs have been installed and it’s rarely more than about a dozen steps up. Along the way, you’ll get quite a few fact boards with the history of the Taman Tugu Conservation Site, or more commonly, about certain indigenous trees.

Hiking in Taman Tugu, Free activities in KL

The route is marked regularly with an identifying code from CP-01 to CP-30. These checkpoints make it super easy to know your location within the park. Sometimes there is an accompanying map next to these route markers with “You Are Here” so you can see your progress. The signage will funnel you along a one-way route. There are a handful of secondary trails (marked in pink on the map), but these mostly function as shortcuts.

Taman Tugu Green Yellow Trail, What to do in KL

Park management is really on the ball and we were both impressed with how clear the trail signage was at Taman Tugu. Route markers and path closure signs are as uncomplicated and prominent as possible. Most times at other parks, the signs are only in Bahasa, the sign is so old and weathered that you can’t read it or it’s been ripped off entirely.

Taman Tugu Yellow Hiking Trail

We continued onto the Yellow Trail (CP-08 to CP-14 and CP-19 to CP-25) at the CP-08 fork. There was a bench or two and often a swingset at the checkpoints.

Taman Tugu Green Trail Hike

There is a gazebo at the midway point on the Yellow trail at the northern edge of the park. It is marked on the map with a G. It certainly doesn’t look like the traditional image of a gazebo, but it was a great resting spot nonetheless. Metal girders and a transparent roof ensures that this structure will withstand all kinds of weather while still being a bright place to rest. The benches here are comfortable enough and there didn’t seem to be any bugs. Take a break here for water and snacks or if the weather is taking a turn for the worse.

Hiking in Taman Tugu

The Yellow trail eventually rejoins the Green trail at CP-25, which is the next Green Trail checkpoint even if you skipped the Yellow Trail. There wasn’t much change in difficulty or scenery until we got to another gazebo at CP-29. This is a multi-level gazebo that requires a short ladder climb to get to the topmost level. You’re not that high up even at the top, so there’s nothing to see except trees.

Taman Tugu Green Yellow Trail

The trail ends shortly after this point. The exit point is right beside the drinks and souvenir booth. A washroom building is located directly across the trail exit where you can freshen up after your hike.

Taman Tugu Hiking Trail

I really enjoyed my day at Taman Tugu. Mark and I lamented the fact that we didn’t know about this place sooner. It’s a great place to take our out-of-town friends since it’s a nice hike but not strenuous for unfit people. The staff we encountered were all so friendly and seemed happy to be there. The main trails that were open are very clean and well-maintained while still looking like a true nature walk.

Trees at Taman Tugu Park

Taman Tugu Green & Yellow Trail Info

Opening Hours: 7am – 6:30pm
Duration: <1 hour (green trail), 1.5 hour (Green + Yellow trail roundtrip)
Parking: Yes (free)
Washrooms On-Site: Yes

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