Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Hidden Strawberry Garden in Bali

Hidden Strawberry Garden Bali, Attractions in Bali

How to choose which strawberry garden to visit when there are so many in this small rural town? Hidden Strawberry Garden is one of the highest rated on Google and has a decent number of reviews. The owners of this family-run farm are friendly, and it’s clear that they do their best to ensure their guests have a pleasant visit.

How to Get to Hidden Strawberry Garden

The name is not misleading – this place is really hidden! Hidden Strawberry Garden is hard to find, especially amongst all the other, more popular strawberry gardens in the area with prominent signs.

Where is Hidden Strawberry Garden Bali Indonesia

Drive along Jalan Raya Bedugul, which turns into Jalan Raya Singaraja-Denpasar. Hidden Strawberry Garden is on Jalan Gatotkaca, but none of these side streets are labelled, of course. Look for a sign on the main road with “Agrowisata Segening.” This sign points to a rival strawberry garden on the same street as Hidden Strawberry Garden.

Hidden Strawberry Garden Bali directions, Strawberry farms in bali

Jalan Gatotkaca is a very narrow dirt road. If you’re driving a big SUV, it will be a tight fit and turning around is nearly impossible. Hidden Strawberry Garden is a fair way down this street, so don’t give up. You should see the official signs as you get closer.

Admission Price & Opening Hours of Hidden Strawberry Garden

Hidden Strawberry Garden is open daily from 6 am to 7 pm. I don’t recommend going any later than 5 pm. There’s a chance that the owners will have closed up early or won’t let you pick strawberries in the dark.

Hidden Strawberry Garden Bali, Things to do in Bali
Cafe at Hidden Strawberry Garden

The admission price for Hidden Strawberry Garden is 15,000 rupiahs and supposedly comes with a free strawberry juice welcome drink. We arrived at 5 pm on a rainy day, and nobody asked us for payment when we walked in. One of the first things we did was order two strawberry juices which cost 15,000 rupiahs each, so we probably paid the admission fee without realising it.

Strawberry Picking at Hidden Strawberry Garden

People just can’t get enough of picking their own strawberries. Strolling through the aisles of berry bushels on a beautiful sunny day is fun for the whole family or a romantic activity with a partner. The price for strawberry picking at Hidden Strawberry Garden is 50,000 rupiahs for 1 kilogram. There is a toilet at the cafe building when you need it.

Pick you own strawberries Bali, Hidden Strawberry Garden

Whether it was because it was raining or because we arrived so late in the day, strawberry picking was not available to us. We could simply buy one kilo of strawberries that the owner’s son would pick while we waited. This was the same price at 50,000 rupiahs. After about fifteen minutes, he brought back a huge punnet of strawberries, two plastic containers worth. It was so much that we gave the smaller package to our driver for the day. The strawberries were beautiful – every one of them a perfect shade of red and not a bruised one in the bunch.

Hidden Strawberry Garden pick your own strawberries

Aside from where the strawberries grow, there’s not much else to see at Hidden Strawberry Garden. There’s a small garden with topiaries in front of the houses where the owners live. From here, you’ll get a view of the forested hills on a clear day.

Strawberry Goods For Sale

There’s no food at the Hidden Strawberry Garden cafe except for strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries. They have strawberries in almost every form. All that’s missing is strawberry ice cream, but I’m sure that’s on the horizon.

Hidden Strawberry Garden snacks bali
Dried strawberries for 10k and cookies for 15k

There are a couple of dry snack options, perfect for takeaway to enjoy during the rest of your trip. Dried strawberry chips are 10,000 rupiahs (the first and second bags in the picture above), and strawberry cookies at 15,000 rupiahs. We bought the cookies, and they were a tasty little treat for very cheap, only RM4 (1 USD).

Bali Hidden Strawberry Garden strawberry  wine
250ml of strawberry wine for 70k rupiahs

If you didn’t get a glass of strawberry juice as part of the ticket price, then it’s worth ordering. For adults, Hidden Strawberry Garden also sells strawberry wine. It’s not made by the family, and technically it’s “fermented strawberry juice.” There’s a low amount of alcohol in this, so don’t give this to the kids. The taste is very concentrated and sweet, with a strong smell of alcohol. A small 250ml bottle is 70,000 rupiahs, while a large 500ml bottle is 130,000.

Saturday Worthy?

Hidden Strawberry Garden Bali, strawberry farms bali

If you like strawberries, come to Hidden Strawberry Garden. It’s worth travelling a bit to get to in my opinion, within reason. If you’re based in north Bali, it’s less than an hour’s drive. A visit to Hidden Strawberry Garden could be a nice day trip when combined with the nearby Bali Botanical Garden. It’s a very long drive from Ubud and beyond, so you should only do it if you have a lot of time in Bali and you’ve seen everything else.

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