Taman Tugu Nursery Trail

Taman Tugu park, Where to go in KL

If you’re planning to walk several trails within Taman Tugu, the Nursery Trail is a good warm-up or cool down hike. This very short trail is low-intensity and marked in blue on park maps. It is only 1 kilometre and will take less than thirty minutes.

Taman Tugu Nursery Trail, Hiking in KL
Nursery Trail entrance

The Blue Nursery Trail is the only one to the right of the parking lot, past the rest sheds. A yellow arch marks the entrance to The Blue trail.

Taman Tugu Blue Trail, Taman Tugu Hiking

Begin by following the arrows to NCP-01. There are no secondary trails on the Nursery hike, so it will be impossible to stray from the main path. The Blue trail is a flat, gentle walk for the first three checkpoints. You can admire the surroundings without having to watch your footing constantly.

The incline appears on the way to NCP-04. There are several sets of stairs until NCP-06 when the trail flattens out again. Along the way, you should spot large buildings through the trees on your left. These are the local learning institute, Hindu temple and park maintenance office.

Taman Tugu Blue Nursery Trail, Taman Tugu Nursery Trail Hiking Guide
Head left to exit the trail. The other path leads back to NCP-01.

Eventually, you will get to a fork in the path. Head left to get to the Nursery trail exit. The exit point is only a few feet away from the yellow arch where the hike starts.

Taman Tugu Nursery Trail Info

Opening Hours: 7am – 6:30pm
Duration: <30 minutes
Parking: Yes (free)
Washrooms On-Site: Yes

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