Golden Potato Food Truck @ Solaris Mont Kiara

If you’re going to have to take away all of your food during this MCO, it might as well be food that is easy to eat while on the go. Golden Potato is a food truck that sells one thing and one thing only: golden fried sweet potato balls.

Golden Potato Solaris Mont Kiara, Golden Potato food truck

The Golden Potato food truck has been parked in the lanes of Solaris Mont Kiara for months now. The truck is located down the first street off of Jalan Solaris (Jalan Solaris 3), next to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I only go to Solaris on weekends during the day, so I can’t confirm if it’s still there during the weekdays. With a sleek black colour scheme and yellow accents, Golden Potato is rather classy looking… for a food truck. If somehow you don’t see it, you’ll hear it. Often, there will be tunes blasting from the truck to draw the attention of passersby. This cheap strategy sort of works, as I’ve been intrigued and tempted a few times, but to be honest, there was always better food around to eat. However, on this day my usual place in the area was closed, so I finally gave in.

Golden Potato menu, Golden Potato price

The price is very inconspicuous considering they only offer one item, but it’s RM5 for a pack of 10 balls. Golden Potato doesn’t make it obvious if their food is halal-friendly or not (unless it’s written in Chinese that I can’t understand), so ask first before ordering if that is important to you. Although all of the truck’s signage is facing toward the street, it’s more convenient to go around to the sidewalk to order. The truck had no sauces or spices available as a topping, not even chilli sauce. Golden Potato also doesn’t offer beverages of any kind, so head to one of the nearby convenience stores if you need a drink.

Golden Potato deep fried potato balls KL

I was expecting these sweet potato balls to be much denser, like a potato wedge, and with the texture to match. Instead, they’re weightless, airy and so thin that they’re almost see-through. Although these begin as tightly rolled pellets, once they’ve been cooked up, the inside of the ball is completely hollow. Considering they’re deep-fried, these sweet potato balls are not very oily at all. When popping one into your mouth, there’s a slight crisp from the outer shell, followed by the chewiness of the potato dough. For a snack so thin and delicate, I can still taste the sweet potato flavour which is impressive. Unfortunately, it feels like I’m just eating deep-fried batter. There’s no filling, density, or even a hint of an actual sweet potato, so this snack is nothing but fried dough and it’s really apparent.

Deep fried potato balls Mont Kiara Kuala Lumpur

I was unimpressed with Golden Potato’s sweet potato balls and personally would not buy them again. These could have been improved with a sauce of some sort drizzled on top. As is, these are simply empty potato puffs that have not been seasoned in any way, and I find it a bit bland. It’s a unique treat, I’ll give it that, so if you love sweet potatoes but hate how heavy they are, maybe this is for you.

Golden Potato

Address: Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Price: RM5 for 10
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 11pm

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