White & Black Lakeside Cafe, Titiwangsa Park

A classy cafe in Taman Titiwangsa with a view of the lake

White & Black Lakeside Cafe Titiwangsa

After a day of walking, biking or jogging around Titiwangsa Lake, White & Black Lakeside Cafe is the perfect place to rest and refuel. This cafe on the lower edge of the lake is set up so that diners can enjoy an unbeatable view of Tasik Titiwangsa with their meal.

How To Get Here

White & Black Lakeside taman titiwangsa, where to eat in titiwangsa park

Enter the park through the main gate off Jalan Kuantan. Once you’re on the pedestrian and bike lane within the park, turn right. Simply follow the path around the lake. White & Black Lakeside Cafe will be on your left. Trying to drive right up to the cafe seems like a pain. Jalan Tembeling is a one-way street, and there’s barely any proper parking once you’re near the restaurant.

Ambience & Amenities

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The indoor dining room is a bright space with tall windows all along one wall. There are cosy booths and a couple of couches with a prime view. The patio is more popular but has simple furniture like metal chairs and bar stools. Fans mounted on the wall keep things cool for guests dining out here.

White & Black Lakeside Cafe titiwangsa park, Best places to eat in titiwangsa

There are three handwashing sinks inside next to a small surau. The toilet is around the back of the building and requires a key from the front counter. Once inside, there were two stalls (although one was out of order) with sitting toilets and toilet paper. The sink had soap and paper towels.


White & Black Lakeside Cafe’s menu is International-focused. There’s a mix of comfort food like pizza and chicken wings next to fine dining like steaks and a RM600 beef wellington. The chilled fridge next to the front entrance has cakes and pastries that are not on the menu.

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White & Black Lakeside Cafe menu titiwangsa
White & Black Lakeside titiwangsa menu
Menu at White & Black Titiwangsa
White & Black Titiwangsa menu
WNB Lakeside titiwangsa menu
White & Black Lakeside Titiwangsa menu
Menu at White & Black Lakeside Cafe
White & Black Titiwangsa park cafe menu
White & Black Cafe tasik titiwangsa menu
White & Black taman titiwangsa menu
White & Black titiwangsa menu
Food at White & Black Lakeside Cafe titiwangsa


White & Black titiwangsa food review

The Apple Juice (RM8) was real juice that separated after a few minutes. The taste was tart but had a sweetness from green apples. The Ice Strawberry Chocolate (RM14) exceeded my expectations. The only hint of real strawberry in this drink was the garnish on the rim, but the strawberry syrup imparted a strong enough flavour and didn’t have that fake chocolate taste at all.

White & Black Lakeside Cafe review, Food at White & Black Cafe titiwangsa

For a casual dish, the Thai Chicken Popcorn (RM28) was presented very prettily with an artful clump of carrot ribbons on top of the chicken. The popcorn chicken was decent – crunchy enough on the outside with a large helping of sweet Thai chilli sauce for dipping. The side salad was pleasingly colourful. It was packed with a variety of ingredients like cucumber, carrots, radish, cherry tomatoes and mandarin orange.

White & Black Lakeside Cafe titiwangsa review

The Beef Burger (RM38) is monstrous and looks like it belongs in a greasy diner instead of a nice lakeside cafe. It was swimming in spicy mayonnaise that got everywhere – on the plate, our hands, and our faces. This burger had so many strong flavours like beef bacon, onion rings, and cheese. However, we could still tell that the meat was lacking and that the patty itself could have used more seasoning. The same colourful salad and a big basket of shoestring fries filled the plate.

Saturday Worthy?

View at White & Black Lakeside Cafe titiwangsa
View from the patio tables at White & Black

The food at White & Black Lakeside Cafe is a little expensive for what it is. For RM38, that burger should have tasted a lot better. Considering that this is the only sit-down restaurant in Taman Titiwangsa, a cafe with a view like this could get away with mediocre food and less effort in food presentation. Everything we ordered was above-average, though. We will probably eat at White & Black again on our next visit to Titiwangsa Park. The food is pretty good and you just can’t beat the ambience.

Price for 2 Pax: RM96.80

Thai Chicken Popcorn: RM28.00
Beef Burger: RM38.00
Ice Strawberry Chocolate: RM14.00
Apple Juice: RM8.00
10% Service: RM8.80

White & Black Lakeside Cafe Titiwangsa

White & Black Lakeside Cafe

Address: No. 1, Jalan Tembeling, Titiwangsa Park, 53200 Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Daily except Monday 10:30am – 10pm, closed on Mondays
Alcohol Served: No

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