Weissbrau, Pavilion KL

Big portions make this restaurant feel affordable… affordable by Pavilion standards, that is.

I’ve actually been here before but my photos were so crappy that I couldn’t blog about it. We went back to Weissbrau at Pavilion Mall the other day after a very positive experience on our first visit. For a restaurant in this part of Pavilion where they probably don’t need to try very hard to get customers in the door, I’ve been impressed multiple times by the quality of Weissbrau’s food, the price, and how much you get.

Ambience & Amenities

Weissbrau is located in Pavilion Mall’s Connection, next to the bridge to the KL Convention Centre. This long, brightly lit hallway is filled almost exclusively with upscale eateries that have their tables spilling out into the corridor. Eager restaurant promoters hover at the edges, making desperate attempts to catch your eye so that they can flash a menu in your face.

The majority of Weissbrau’s seating is outside on the “patio” where you’re still completely indoors and under the mall’s roof. The chairs are hard metal, but you get some natural light from the windows high overhead and the people-watching opportunities out here are fantastic. Of course, this means that everyone walking by, as well as the diners at the neighbouring restaurants and on the upper levels, can watch you eat as well if you choose to sit out here.

Weissbrau Pavilion KL, Weissbrau German Bistro and Bar review

Inside has dim lighting and is much more intimate. There are only a handful of tables in here, surrounded by squishy leather chairs or cushioned booths. The best seat of the indoor dining room, in my opinion, is at the very back wall in the corner. You’re away from the bustle of the mall, but the large window next to you still provides some people-watching entertainment.

Just like all the other restaurants on this lane, Weissbrau does not have an in-house toilet. Exit the restaurant and turn left. The nearest washroom is across the corridor next to La Bodega.


Weissbrau Pavilion KL menu, Weissbrau German Bistro and Bar menu
Weissbrau menu Pavilion KL, Weissbrau Pavilion Menu
Menu Weissbrau Pavilion KL, Weissbrau Pavilion Menu
Weissbrau Pavilion Mall menu,
Weissbrau menu Pavilion Mall
Menu Weissbrau Pavilion Mall
Weissbrau Pavilion Menu
Menu Weissbrau Pavilion

Set Lunch Menu

On the weekdays, Weissbrau has a set lunch menu. We scouted the other restaurants in the immediate vicinity, and the Weissbrau lunch promo honestly looked like it had the best food for the cheapest price. A drink and dessert are included in all eleven of the options. If you’re getting the lemon tea, you have the option to get it with or without sugar, otherwise, you can pick from any of the RM11 sodas. It took me a minute to find them, but the soft drink options are on the beer page, cheekily listed under “On The Rocks.” Don’t have high hopes for the dessert, the “Italian Gelato of the Day.” What was served was definitely not gelato, but a scoop of mango sorbet.

Weissbrau Pavilion Menu, Weissbrau Lunch Special, Weissbrau Happy Hour Deal

Happy Hour Specials

Filtered water is free at Weissbrau, but why drink water when you can drink beer? Weissbrau has happy hour specials that run until quite late, 8pm, as well as buy 2 get 1 free deals that appear to be available all the time.


Weissbrau Pavilion KL Review, Weissbrau Food

The BBQ Boston Pulled Pork Benedict Toast (RM23) is a jumble of words and reads like a bad English translation. The menu picture exaggerates on its size and viscosity of the Hollandaise sauce. A thick slice of crusty bread, soaked through with all the different sauces, makes up the base. There is a very hefty helping of pulled pork on top with a rich, fatty taste to it. I’m not a fan of overly lean pulled pork, so I enjoyed the extra ribbon of flavour that the fat provided. The eggs aren’t photogenic, but when cut, they did ooze a dark orange yolk down onto the bread. The bbq sauce was as expected, but I felt that it tasted a bit watered down. I would’ve liked it if it had a bolder flavour.

Weissbrau Pavilion KL, Weissbrau Food, Weissbeau Lunch Special

The Bacon & Cheese Burger (RM23) is an excellent deal when you realise that the a la carte price for this dish is RM36. You get the option of a chicken or a pork patty. It seems nonsensical to order chicken in a pork heavy restaurant like this, so I naturally opted for the pork patty. This is a huge burger with a fluffy bun that has the exterior texture of a croissant. Underneath, there is a slice of processed cheese and three fat slices of bacon. It looks pretty bare, but this burger didn’t need any extra condiments, especially since I put all of the veg toppings (lettuce, tomato, gherkin and red onion) into the burger. Some parts of the bacon were unfortunately tough to bite through. There were a couple of times when the entire strip of bacon would be pulled out after taking my bite, and I would need to rip it into a manageable size with my hands. The pork patty itself is adequately juicy and average tasting, but the strong flavours of the bacon, red onion and gherkin elevate it to a much higher level. The pork benefits by taking a backseat and playing a complementary role to these sharp ingredients instead of competing for the spotlight.

Weissbrau Pavilion food, Weissbrau Schnitzel Pavilion KL
Weissbrau food Pavilion KL, Weissbrau sausages Pavilion Mall

Our previous visit was for dinner and we ordered the Cheese & Bacon Pork Cordon Bleu (RM32) and the Black Forest Bratwurst (was RM34, now RM35). The Cordon Bleu was crunchy and satisfying, but I distinctly remember the bratwurst being utterly amazing. I had never had sausages that tender before in my life. It was pure meat and packed with flavour, with none of the gross, hard, mystery bits found in poor quality sausage. The casing was perfect and not at all rubbery. It was easy to cut through, and there was zero excess casing at the end of the sausage that I had to chew on.

Saturday Worthy?

Weissbrau is clearly Saturday worthy as this is our second time returning and Mark has begun calling it our “go-to Pavilion place.” It’s not cheap, but you’re going to be spending at least that much at any of the fine dining restaurants at Pavilion Mall. At least at Weissbrau, you’re sure to get a large amount of good food that will fill you up. It’s not the best German eatery in KL nor do they have the most authentic menu, but in a super touristy location like Pavilion KL, this place could be a lot worse… or should I say wurst?

LUNCH Price for 2 pax: RM53.35

Bacon & Cheese Burger Lunch Set: RM23.00
Ginger Ale: RM0.00
Pulled Pork Benedict Toast Lunch Set: RM23.00
Iced Lemon Tea: RM0.00
6% SST: RM2.76
10% service tax: RM4.60
Rounding: (RM0.01)

DINNER Price for 2 pax: RM76.55

Pork Cordon Bleu with Cheese and Bacon: RM32.00
Black Forest Bratwurst: RM34.00
6% SST: RM3.96
10% service tax: RM6.60
Rounding: (RM0.01)

Weissbrau Pavilion KL, Weissbrau German Bistro and Bar review

Weissbrau German Bistro & Bar

Lot 3.05.02, Level 3, Pavilion KL (Connection), No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Daily: 10am – 10pm
Alcohol Served: Yes

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