Cambodia & Angkor Park Travel Video

We’ve recently returned from our trip to Cambodia, and I can honestly say as someone who has traveled extensively, that the country truly gave me something new to see. In our travels, we’ve seen a lot of sights that repeat in other countries and locations. A colourful pagoda will be just like the ones in Thailand and ancient ruins will bring back visions of the Roman Forum. However, I remember stepping into my first jungle temple at Sambor Prei Kuk, looking up and being filled with wonder. Twin musings of “Wow! That’s definitely different” bounced around my head along with “How did they do that?!

I was in awe several times while in Cambodia, stupefied by the scale, aesthetic and how well preserved most things were. Add the fact that most of these temples were built almost a thousand years ago with primitive tools and still standing is staggering. Meanwhile, a laptop built today can’t even last two years.

In this video I made, you’ll get a good look at the various Angkor temples in footage we filmed. Mark and I will also take you in for a closer look inside the grounds of these temples. If you’re curious of where exactly a place was, look in the comments section for timestamps.

Explore Cambodia with us!

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