Visiting Sosodikon Hill in Kundasang

Sosodikon Hill Kundasang Sabah, Top attractions in Kundasang

Sosodikon Hill (or Pyramid Hill in English) is one of the top attractions in the small rural town of Kundasang. It has an ideal location and an altitude of 1465 metres for splendid views of the surrounding valley and the looming giant, Mount Kinabalu, on a clear day. The easy trek up to the top is appropriate for visitors of all ages and fitness levels.

Pyramid Hill in Kundasang
Halfway to the top, there is a small rest stop with a bench under a tree

You don’t need to gear up to climb Pyramid Hill in Kundasang. Hiking shoes or even a bottle of water is not very necessary. However, you might want sun protection on a clear day. It’s quite windy at the top and some have also said that it’s cold, but I was comfortable in just pants and a t-shirt.

Sosodikon Hill, Attractions in Kundasang

The walk from the admission hut to the top of the hill is only 600 metres and takes about ten minutes. Along the way, there are lots of pretty, brightly coloured flowers growing on either side of the narrow path.

Sosodikon Hill flowers

Right before the final set of stairs to the viewing platform, there is a toilet at Sosodikon Hill. I definitely could have used a washroom as I was leaving, but I didn’t dare to use it. It was just a tiny, corrugated steel shed. I didn’t see any water pipes, so the toilet would likely have been a dry squatter with no sink to wash up at.

View at Sosodikon Hill

Sosodikon Hill viewpoint, What to do in Kundasang
View from Pyramid Hill Kundasang, Top things to do in Kundasang

Once on the viewing platform, you are treated to a breathtaking 360-degree view of the rolling Kundasang hills, farmland and, if you’re lucky, Mount Kinabalu. There are three main “picture spots” joined by a narrow wooden walkway.

Sosodikon Hill Review, Kundasang Attractions
Pyramid Hill review, Sosodikon Hill Blog
Sosodikon Hill Kundasang, Sosodikon Hill entrance fee
If the view was clear, this is where you get a photo of Mount Kinabalu

If you’re keen for selfies, be prepared to wait a while or have people in your photo. We came on an overcast day when Mount Kinabalu wasn’t even visible, but there were still lots of people taking pictures at the best spots. We had to spend some time dawdling and waiting our turn. At sunrise, it’s even worse, I’ve heard. Groups will hog the best spots and not move until sunrise is completely over.

Entrance Fee at Sosodikon Hill

The Sosodikon Hill admission price is decently reasonable at RM5 for Malaysian adults/RM3 for Malaysian children and RM10 for foreigner adults/RM5 for foreign children. There are all sorts of little extras you can buy to make your visit a little more comfortable or enjoyable. You can rent binoculars, rain gear, or even get souvenir certificates to commemorate your visit.

Sosodikon Hill Admission price, Pyramid Hill Kundasang entrance fee

Sunrise bookings at Sosodikon Hill are very popular. Sunrise is when there is the highest chance of getting a clear view of Mount Kinabalu. This is the busiest time at Sosodikon Hill, so decide if it’s worth it to you. There are also sunset bookings, but not many visitors come for sunset at Pyramid Hill. At that time of day, it is usually very cloudy or raining.

Getting to Sosodikon Hill

Pyramid Hill Kundasang price, How to get to Sosodikon Hill Kundasang

Driving to and from Pyramid Hill looks like a nightmare. We took a taxi from Kinabalu Park and got dropped off on the north side, but there was a huge jam on the way. Once we got to the viewing platform, we could spot cars driving on the steep and winding road. They had to drive so slowly and were constantly bumping up and down the rough road. The road is also very narrow, and cars are expected to yield to others driving the other way.

Sosodikon Hill parking, Pyramid Hill location

Parking is free once you get to Pyramid Hill. It’s best if you park in front of the Dream World Resort which has some space to manoeuvre around. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck parking on the side of the very narrow road in front of private property.

Saturday Worthy?

Sosodikon Hill Kundasang Location, What to see in Kundasang

Sosodikon Hill should definitely be included in your itinerary for your day in Kundasang. The only instance I would not recommend going is if it’s pouring rain. Even on a cloudy day, we were still able to see low hills far in the distance from the platform. On a clear sunny day when the mount is in full view, it makes for a really beautiful picture.

Sosodikon Hill Kundasang Sabah, Best things to do in Kundasang

The entry price at Pyramid Hill is pretty good for what you get, even if it won’t take you long to finish this attraction. A visit to Sosodikon Hill will probably take the average tourist 30 minutes to an hour if you’re not coming for sunrise. We do attractions very slow, and we spent an hour here. Sosodikon Hill is right near Desa Dairy Farm, and many tourists pair these two attractions together before moving on to the Kundasang War Memorial, or just eating Kundasang’s famous barbecue chicken wings.

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