Grill Imbiss Rennweg Food Truck, Innsbruck

Beer and street meat on a budget.

Grill Imbiss Rennweg Food Truck Innsbruck, Where to eat in Innsbruck

Here’s where you can truly eat like the locals! Grill Imbiss Rennweg is the place for cheap eats in Innsbruck for those on a budget. This no-frills food truck serves up a variety of sausages for a low-cost and tasty meal on the go.


Grill Imbiss Rennweg Innsbruck location

Grill Imbiss Rennweg is on the northwest corner of the Innsbruck Court Gardens (Innsbrucker Hofgarten). The truck will be on Karl-Kapferer-Straße just off Rennweg, the main road next to the river.

Ambience & Amenities

There are a couple of tables next to the truck for patrons. Be prepared to share a table during the lunch rush. Personally, I think it’s a much better idea to take your food to the Innsbrucker Hofgarten nearby and find a bench.

Cheap food in Innsbruck, Grill Imbiss Rennweg

I honestly don’t know where the nearest toilets are. There are some medical buildings across the street from the truck you could try ducking in to. The university buildings south of the park are also a possibility. Grill Imbiss Rennweg wraps most of their food in paper so you don’t have to touch it, but hopefully your hands aren’t filthy as I didn’t even see any hand sanitizer around.


Hopefully, you’re in the mood for sausage. There are ten dishes on the menu, nine of which are wurst-based. The Grill Imbiss Rennweg truck also has a selection of drinks, including beer. You’ll be able to see the beer brands and types in the fridge once you get to the truck.

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Grill Imbiss Rennweg menu Innsbruck, wurst in Innsbruck

The Bosna is a popular Austrian fast food dish originally from Salzburg. It’s similar to hot dogs you get at street carts in America. You’ll probably see other people in line ahead of you ordering a Bosna. Be warned that the Bosna Groß is massive. It looks more than a foot long. The other sausages on the list will probably not be on a bun but be in the German style with a side of bread.


Grill Imbiss Rennweg review Innsbruck, Austrian street food restaurants innsbruck

The Bosna Klein (€3.90) is the classic “street meat” hot dog for us Westerners but elevated. I ordered the “klein” (small) size, so it was about 20 centimetres (about 7 inches). The bread is not a cheap fluffy bun but a crispy toasted baguette. The thin bratwurst sausage is inside, dusted with curry powder. The rest of the toppings are simple: ketchup, mustard and raw onions. This hot dog was perfect and hit the spot. It tasted much better than the schnitzelburger, and Mark still regrets that he didn’t order the Bosna during our visit.

Grill Imbiss Rennweg Innsbruck food review, Cheap eats innsbruck austria

The Schnitzelburger (€5.40) didn’t taste bad – it was just a generic sandwich. The big slab of schnitzel is larger than the bun and fried a deep golden brown. The fixings are similarly simple – lettuce, ketchup and mayo. The schnitzel was tender enough to bite through easily. It had a good taste but needed some extra spice or something to make it more interesting. The bites were very samey throughout the whole sandwich.

Saturday Worthy?

The Grill Imbiss Rennweg food truck is great if you’re trying to save money or just looking for a cheap snack. Especially on a nice day, it’s such a vibe to eat a hot dog leisurely on a park bench. It was so good that we were trying to find ways to come back – or stuff ourselves with a second Bosna.

Price for 2 Pax: €11.90

Bosna Klein: €3.90
Schnitzelburger: €5.40
Eistee: €2.60

Grill Imbiss Rennweg Innsbruck food truck Innsbrucker Hofgarten

Grill Imbiss Rennweg

Address: Karl-Kapferer-Straße 3, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm every day except Saturday, Closed on Saturday
Alcohol Served: Yes

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