Everything You Need to Know: Bukit Kursi in Pemuteran, Bali

Bukit Kursi Pemuteran Bali, Attractions in Bali

Bukit Kursi is an uphill hike with panoramic views at the top but also unobstructed landscapes during the ascension. It’s a somewhat tough climb to the peak with what initially looks like never-ending stairs. The climb to the viewpoint is about 30 minutes, maybe more if you’re out of shape or just enjoying the view on the way up!

Admission Price & Opening Hours of Bukit Kursi

Bukit Kursi Hike Bali Indonesia, What to see in Pemuteran Bali

Bukit Kursi operates on a donation basis. According to the guest book, I saw others give as little as Rp. 10,000. There are no official opening hours listed for Bukit Kursi. Since there’s nothing to see at the viewpoint after sunset, I would guess that the ticketing booth opens during daylight hours, from sunrise to about 7 pm.

Hike Up to Bukit Kursi Viewpoint

Hiking Bukit Kursi in Pemuteran Bali, Admission fee Bukit Kursi Bali

Once through the main gates, it’s a gruelling climb up hundreds of stairs to the top of Bukit Kursi. The stairs are concrete and well-maintained, so there is no chance of slipping or falling off. While ascending, we frequently turned around to admire the village of Pemuteran below. There are very few tall trees to block the view, so we could clearly see our progress up the hill.

View at Bukit Kursi Pemuteran Bali, Hiking in Bali

There isn’t anywhere to sit until about halfway up the hill. There’s a rustic raised gazebo on the right side where you can rest. A little further up, past a stone offering pillar, there is a rock outcropping on the left. If you’re daring, you can climb out to it for a cool picture.

Bukit Kursi Bali, Opening hours Bukit Kursi Pemuteran

What to See at Bukit Kursi Peak

Bukit Kursi Hike in Pemuteran Bali, Admission fee Bukit Kursi Pemuteran Bali

Near the top of the hill, the path branches. The main path will turn sharply to the left and leads to the Pura Batu Kursi temple and a couple of covered viewing platforms. We headed to this viewpoint since it was the most obvious one.

Pura Batu Kursi Bukit Kursi, Top attractions in Pemuteran Bali
Pura Batu Kursi temple

The temple is very simple and meant for prayer only. The viewing gazebos had a sweeping view of the village below, but a large chunk of the horizon was blocked by the other viewpoint. It was also a bit dirty with building materials and garbage from the workers in the area.

Bukit Kursi Viewpoint Pemuteran Bali, Scenic views in Bali
Second viewpoint on the hill behind me

The view is probably better at the other viewpoint. At the path fork, there is a way on the right that is less defined and goes steeply up the hill. There isn’t much at this other viewing spot aside from an Indonesian flag flying proudly. This viewpoint was more crowded, and there was only one small bench. It looked like the view out to sea was unobstructed, though.

Facilities at Bukit Kursi

Toilets at Bukit Kursi
Toilet shed at the top of Bukit Kursi (temple side)

There is a toilet at the base of the hill. No surprise, it was a squatter toilet with no paper. The sink was standing alone in the middle of a field and a fair walk from the toilet building, but it had soap. There are also sinks at the gates of the hill. There is another toilet once you’re at the peak where the Hindu temple is. It’s another squatter toilet, but I didn’t see a sink anywhere to wash up.

Saturday Worthy?

Bukit Kursi steps Pemuteran Bali, Scenic hikes in Bali

Bukit Kursi is for tourists staying in Pemuteran and who love peak views. It’s not worth travelling across the island, especially since a gorgeous sunset is never guaranteed. We were staying in Munduk and made a special day trip that included a stop here. In hindsight, we wouldn’t have missed much if we skipped Bukit Kursi, other than some exercise.

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