Cafe 360°: The Best Rooftop Bar in Innsbruck

An amazing rooftop bar that’s not yet ruined by crowds.

Cafe 360 Innsbruck review, Rooftop bars in Innsbruck Austria

Cafe 360° is a hidden rooftop bar in the heart of Innsbruck. Tourists will never stumble upon this cafe and wouldn’t know about this place unless they have really done their research. It is one of the tallest bars, located on the seventh floor of the Rathaus Galerien. Seven levels might not sound that high, but it’s high enough for awesome panoramas of Innsbruck.

How To Get to Cafe 360°

Cafe 360 location, How to get to Cafe 360 Innsbruck

First, you need to find the Rathaus Galerien shopping mall on Maria-Theresien-Straße, which turns into Anichstraße. The entrance can be easy to miss, but “Rathaus Galerien” is above the doors in big letters. Once you’re inside the mall, look for the Müller grocery store. Across from it are a set of elevators, one of which will have a glowing orange sign with “Lichtblick 360” on it. Cafe 360° is on the 7th floor.

Ambience & Amenities

Cafe 360 rooftop bar Rathaus Galerien Innsbruck Austria

Cafe 360° is a circular room surrounded by glass windows. There are some small classy tables and seats at the bar counter. The best seats, however, are on the terrace. Outside are cushioned benches with stunning, unobstructed views of the mountains and city of Innsbruck in every direction.

Cafe 360 Innsbruck view, Best rooftop bars in Innsbruck Austria
View to the north

The WC is one floor down. Exit the cafe and take the stairs down one level. The toilets are down the corridor on the right. Unlike the washrooms on the mall’s ground level, you don’t need to pay to use these facilities, nor is there an annoying attendant who guilts you into tipping them.

Cafe 360 terrace, Top rooftop bars innsbruck
View to the south


The menu at Cafe 360° is drinks only. Beer is not on the regular menu, as the bar’s stock changes frequently. On our visit, there was Trumer pilsner in small and large sizes. Plain filtered water is free. There are decanters and glasses at the bar.

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Cafe 360 Innsbruck menu
Cafe 360 menu Innsbruck Austria
Menu at Cafe 360 Innsbruck austria

Saturday Worthy?

Review of Cafe 360 Rathaus Galerien Innsbruck

I can’t believe we got such a great spot on a beautiful day during lunchtime. If you can get a bench on the terrace, don’t give it up. Everyone else at the bar had parked themselves for hours – they were there when we arrived and still hadn’t left when we were heading out. The drinks are on the higher side, but they weren’t outrageous. If you’re in Innsbruck on a clear, sunny day, I highly recommend stopping into Cafe 360° for drinks and a view.

Price for 2 Pax: €7.50

Cappuccino: €3.80
Trumer 0.3cl: €3.70

Cafe 360 Rooftop Bar Rathaus Galerien Innsbruck Austria

360° Cafe

Address: 7th Floor, Rathaus Galerien, Maria-Theresien-Straße 18, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Opening Hours: 10am – 12am Monday to Thursday, 10am – 1am Friday & Saturday, Closed on Sunday
Alcohol Served: Yes

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