Hiking Guide to The Sound of Music Trail in Werfen

Sound of Music trail, Attractions in Werfen

The Sound of Music Trail is a hike from Werfen’s town centre to the grassy hill where the “Do-Re-Mi” picnic scene was filmed. This small mountain town makes a big deal out of this attraction. The trail is well organized, and you can even get a souvenir medal. The walk is 1.3km long and takes about an hour to complete (one way). It’s an easy hike with uphill climbs but nothing too steep or dangerous.

Sound of Music trail Werfen

Be aware that gorgeous sunny days in the movie are not common in Werfen. While filming The Sound of Music, the crew had to wait for days for a perfect sunny day. The weather will probably be crappy – overcast, fog blocking the mountains, or downright rainy. Be prepared for that during your visit, and don’t rest your hopes on replicating the movie scene perfectly.

Starting Point of The Sound of Music Trail

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Head down the road in between the two buildings to the left of this sign

Get to the street named “Markt,” which is the main road in town. If you’re at the Werfen Train Station, cross the bridge over the river and head down the road into town to the left of the Werfen sign.

Sound of Music Trail Hike Werfen
Look for this board right outside the Werfen tourist office

Stay on the left side of the street. You’ll pass by a grocery store, MPREIS, and not long after, you will arrive at the Werfen Tourist Office. There is a board right outside for The Sound of Music Trail with a map and some pamphlets to take with you. If you share photos of the hike on social media, the tourist office will give you a free souvenir medal, provided you can get back here before they close. The tourist office is open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm.

Hiking guide for the Sound of Music trail Werfen

There is an alley just up ahead on your left. “Volksschule” is written on the side of the wall. The end of the short street has a covered staircase heading up the hill. The start of The Sound of Music Trail is up here.

Entrance Portal (Eingangsportal)

Hiking directions for Sound of Music trail Werfen

I gotta admit, we accidentally took a shortcut in town and completely skipped the official trail entrance, so I don’t have any pictures. There are signs along the official trail with The Sound of Music branding that point you in the right direction, so you shouldn’t get lost. The first point of interest on the walk will be a drum. Since we accidentally skipped this, we didn’t see this either.

Lounge Area (Relaxberich)

Sound of Music trail, Free attractions in Werfen

The relaxation area has a stunning view of the mountains. There are three wooden loungers to rest up and enjoy the scenery. The loungers are big enough for two people. Each of the loungers has different lyrics from the songs “My Favourite Things” or “The Lonely Goatherd” printed on them.

Lyric Blocks (Textwurfel)

How long does the Sound of Music trail take

A much shorter stop than the previous point, the text blocks are like an oversized version of the children’s toy. The two rows of blocks have lyrics from various songs from the movie that you can mix and match.

The “Do-Re-Mi” Grassy Hill (End Goal)

Sound of Music trail, Top attractions in Werfen
The endpoint of the trail is this pen

A low wooden gate will suddenly block the trail. Don’t turn back – this is not the end of the hike! It is unlocked, so push it open and continue. Once you’re through, the trail opens up into a vast, grassy plain. In the distance, you can probably see the white Sound of Music sign on the hill. The path is a little indistinct, but head in that general direction. There will eventually be a paved concrete path that you can take.

Sound of Music trail Werfen Austria

The official end point is inside the wooden enclosure. The altitude is higher here, so now you can get a clearer view of Hohenwerfen Castle with the mountains as a backdrop. You can take all sorts of fun pictures at this spot. The town has set up picture windows where you can pose with Maria and the von Trapp children. Tourists are probably supposed to stay inside the pen, but everybody climbs over the fence to prance in the field and take pictures. There’s no one here to police where you should or shouldn’t be, so do what you want.

Saturday Worthy?

Sound of Music Walk in Werfen

You’d have to be a die-hard fan of The Sound of Music to come to Werfen just to walk this trail. There are better attractions in town, such as Hohenwerfen Castle or the Eisriesenwelt (ice caves).

Things to do in Werfen Austria

For the average person who has a passing familiarity with The Sound of Music, this walk is an activity if you have the time. Even without the movie references, The Sound of Music trail is a pleasant hike with incredible views on a clear day. A fun but busy itinerary for a day in Werfen could be Eisriesenwelt in the early morning, The Sound of Music Trail before lunch, and Hohenwerfen Castle in the afternoon. You can skip The Sound of Music Trail if you need to cut something for time, the movie has no significance to you or especially if it’s a rainy day.

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