Lang Cafey House, Langkawi

An inexpensive cafe with an atmosphere and service level well above its price point.

Lang Cafey House, Cafes in Langkawi

Boasting “the best coffee in town,” Lang Cafey House is a cute, tucked away cafe in the northeastern end of Langkawi. Top Langkawi attractions like Kilim Geoforest Park and the Langkawi Wildlife Park are not far, making this a great spot to eat and unwind in the food desert on this part of the island.

Ambience & Amenities

Lang Cafey House, Langkawi Kedah
Langkawi Wildlife Park is literally across the road

If you are coming from the Langkawi Wildlife Park, cross the main road (Jalan Ayer Hangat). There will be a break in the fence off to your left. The wildlife park is so close, you will be able to see it from the cafe windows! On the ground floor beneath the cafe, there is a corridor you should go down. You can either take the stairs or the elevator up to level 1 to get to Lang Cafey House.

Lang Cafey House review, Where to eat in Langkawi

Lang Cafey House reminds me of someone’s ultimate treehouse. The cafe is full of wood – even the cushion covers look like wood! Kawaii decor accents like plushies and miniature figurines are scattered around the place. Cosy couches and booths populate the main dining room. At the back, there is a room where you can dine Japanese style with your shoes off and sitting on the floor. Note that Lang Cafey House does not accept credit cards as payment, only cash and GrabPay.

Lang Cafey House Langkawi, Restaurants in Langkawi

The toilets are past the counter and kitchen. There are two rooms, but use the first one on the right as it’s nicer. The “guest” toilet was clean and very nice. There was a sitting toilet, toilet paper and soap. The other toilet was packed with storage and likely meant to be the staff washroom.


The items on Lang Cafey House’s menu won’t exactly get your mouth watering as soon as you read them. This is simple comfort food. Pasta and sandwiches make up the bulk of the western food page, while the local food is a mix of rice and noodle dishes. Drinks make up the last two pages and have more unique options like soda floats and flower teas. Filtered water is free and comes in a big bottle.

Lang Cafey House menu Langkawi, Lang Cafey House food
Menu at Lang Cafey House Langkawi, Food at Lang Cafey House
Lang Cafey House menu Langkawi Wildlife Park
Lang Cafey House menu


Lang Cafey House food review Langkawi

The Nasi Goreng Seafood (RM10) is a big amount of food for its price. This serving of rice is larger than it appears and is packed with ingredients. There’s purple cabbage, lettuce, carrot strips, one big prawn, two baby octopus and lots of squid rings. With all of these different elements, there was lots of flavours and a little spiciness for an extra kick.

Lang Cafey House review, Where to eat in Langkawi

When ordering the Special Sandwich (RM10), you are supposed to choose two of the sandwiches on the western menu page (S1 through S5) which will then be combined into the double-decker Special Sandwich. It is essentially a club sandwich, with one of the sandwiches you chose on the top half and the other will be on the bottom half. The cafe recommends that egg and cheese be one of the two options as it is a subtle flavour that matches everything. However, we went experimental and chose Seafood Sensation and Chicken Square & Cheese. The Seafood Sensation was a crabstick mayo sandwich that worked just as well with the chicken deli meat of the other half. Thick slices of cucumber, lettuce and coleslaw made for a very fresh and tasty sandwich. There were no sides, and even a handful of crisps would have been welcome to make the dish more filling and break up the sameyness.

Lang Cafey House Langkawi, Coffee shops in Langkawi

The Diamond Milk Tea (RM8), I was told enthusiastically, is made with fresh milk. The cafe’s take on a boba tea, this has lots of lightly sweet jelly balls and a drizzle of caramel on top. There’s good tea flavour, and it’s not as sweet as milk teas from the big chain stores – this is a good thing! I drank the entirety of this big cup and I wasn’t suffering from a sugar rush when I was finished. Mark’s Long Black (RM7) was a decent coffee that one would expect for the price.

Lang Cafey House, restaurants near Kilim Geoforest Park Langkawi Wildlife Park

Saturday Worthy?

The food is uncomplicated but it hits the spot and is incredibly affordable. The owner is also very friendly and patient, answering our questions about the menu and offering suggestions. This is the perfect place to pair with your visit to the Langkawi Wildlife Park, Langkawi Nature Park, or any of the attractions nearby. You will not find another restaurant in the area that is this clean, air-conditioned, and above all, comfortable.

Price for 2 Pax: RM35.00

Nasi Goreng Seafood: RM10.00
Special Sandwich: RM10.00
Long Black: RM7.00
Diamond Milk Tea: RM8.00

Lang Cafey House Langkawi

Lang Cafey House

Address: Level 1 Lot 04 Kompleks Kilim, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pechah, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Opening Hours: Every day except Wednesday, 11am – 7pm, Closed on Wednesdays
Alcohol Served: No

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